Dental Marketing Houston

When considering hiring a dental marketing company for your dental practice in or near Houston, TX, consider Identity Dental Marketing.

There are a variety of reasons Identity Dental Marketing is the best choice for your practice growth.

dental marketing

dental marketing houston

1.  Identity Dental Marketing is made of a small group of marketing experts that have in-office experience in the dental field.  They understand the unique challenges that arise when marketing a dental office.  They understand the dental field and niches and they will effectively get your message to stand out.

2.  They recommend the marketing methods with the highest return on investment and can work within just about any marketing budget.

3.  They don’t require long contracts or lock you in to a no-compete agreement.  Their work will speak for itself and your success will create your loyalty.

4.  They are experienced in a variety of marketing media.  They are experts at internet marketing for dentists in Houston, social networking, web design, to direct mail, radio advertising, graphic design, branding and more.

When hiring a marketing company, make sure they have a deep understanding of your goals and your business.  For more information, contact the owner of Identity Dental Marketing directly at 847-773-5418

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Facebook Dental Marketing

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Templates vs Custom Websites

You know, as a business owner, that your website is a crucial selling point for your business. You also may have purchased a website in the past that you were less than satisfied with.

As I’m meeting with more clients, I’m learning how little most people really know about websites and web design. Many people think that a custom site is the only way to go and that it’s always going to be better than using a template site.

I want to talk about the top website myths.

1. Myth: Template sites cannot be optimized on Google.
This is very false. Google has a variety of ranking criteria. Having a template site, especially a wordpress template can be set up specifically for SEO. Ask your web designer how this works.

2. Myth: Custom sites are always nicer. When you hire someone to design a website for you, you really have no idea what they will design. They could come back to you with a design that you really don’t like. A template site allows the client to see the general design before making a commitment and purchase.

3. Myth: Template sites can be recognized by viewers. Most templates have come a long way! You can purchase really professional template designs for under $100 for customization.

If you’re considering a website, email us at

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SEO Presentation & Prices

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Top 5 Reasons YOU Need SEO

Search Engine Marketing Chicago

1. Because I said so. Just kidding, kind of.  Well, most marketing professionals now understand the importance of SEO (search engine optimization).  We’ve seen the sites that look beautiful but bring in no new business and serve almost no function in the overall goals of the business. To us, that’s just tragic! SEO helps drive traffic to your site and will help connect your targeted audience with you, your business and your services.

2. Because everybody’s doing it!  In all reality, it’s becoming an industry norm for most businesses. Without it, you won’t be able to compete.  It’s the new yellow pages..well it’s much more than that.  It’s more than reference or a list of potential businesses.  It provides your customers the information they need to decide if you’re a good fit for them or not.

3. The leads are STRONG…like bull.  Since the consumer has sought out your exact services and found you due to a relevant search query that they’ve made, the leads from SEO tend to be much stronger than that of other forms of advertising.  It’s easier to convert a lead that’s already read your website, knows what you stand for, and is informed about your services.  Your beautiful website has now made an excellent first impression, and this consumer is ready to open their wallet and buy whatever it is you provide.

4. Because it’s the absolute best way to invest your marketing dollars.  Yes, I said invest.  SEO is an investment beyond it’s actual initial ROI.  Even after your campaign is complete and you’ve grabbed that top spot on Google, Yahoo, & Bing, your investment continues to bring you new business until your competition catches on and pays to outranks you.

5. That one crazy customer could ruin your rep!  We keep track of what people are saying about you and your business on popular review sites.  This means we’ll catch that a negative review that otherwise would go unnoticed and deter new business inquiries.  In this day and age, you NEED someone in charge of your online reputation. Let’s face it, there’s always that one client that isn’t happy no matter what you do. We’ll help get the voices of the 99% percent of happy clients published and outshine your “Negative Nancy”.


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3 Tips for Higher Listings on Google

A lot of people ask, “What can I do to get higher listings
in the search engines?”.  Here are 3 tips that have never let
me down:

1. Keyword Research – This is big.  Too many times people try to
get their sites to rank for one word searches like “cars”.  This is
too hard to do and I wouldn’t even recommend trying it.  Plus did
you know 2 and 3 keyword search terms almost always convert better
for you?  So look for 2 or 3 keyword search terms like “used cars”
or “used car dealerships”.  You’ll find it’s much easier to rank
for these.  Another trick is to look at the number of pages Google
returns.  If it shows over 30,000 pages it’s probably a hard search
term to rank for so I’d keep looking.

2. Keyword Location — Put a paragraph containing your keywords
towards the top of your page (or at least at the beginning of your
content) .  Also put the keyword phrase in your title and meta
description.  Don’t over stuff your page with the keyword phrase.
Overuse can hurt you here.

3. Number of Words on the Page – Keep this around 350 words.  You
can still rank well for pages that don’t have this many words, but
remember the search engines love content and 350 words seems
to be the magic number.

So there it is.  3 quick tips that you can use to get better search
listings.  You can also use the free article spinning tool to
re-purpose your content for more than one search phrase.  Don’t try
to have one page rank for more than one search term.  It’s much
easier to just create a new page specifically tailored to the
search term you researched in tip 1.

Hope this helps.

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SEO is like buying a home for your website, whereas PPC is like renting an apartment.  Both serve a purpose, one is a better investment, if you can swing it!  And NOW’s the time!

Internet Marketing Chicago

SEO Company Chicago















SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a great way to market your website. If you put time and money into SEO it’s like investing in a house. If you get rankings in the search engines, you tend to keep those rankings over time. So, if you invest $15,000 a year into SEO and then stop, you now have rankings that will continue to drive traffic to your site – at least until your competition finds ways to outrank you. This takes time and money though and the vision to know how valuable SEO really is. Unfortunately, many people still do not take SEO seriously and that gives those of us who do a big leg up.

The other big benefit of SEO is the “long tail” that it creates. With PPC, you target specific keywords and phrases in your campaign but you may be missing out on many ways that users search for you. For example a user searches for “SEO Consultant Cleveland“. You might have targeted this key phrase in your PPC campaign and that’s good. But, what if someone typed in “How to hire an SEO company in Cleveland”. Chances are, they’ll get completely different results and you might be able to rank for many more words and phrase combinations like this with SEO.

If you’re doing both PPC and SEO at the beginning of your campaign, the other benefit is that you might end up ranking in the organic listings (free) and the pay-per-click listings (paid) at the same time which will give you extra exposure and a better chance of landing clients.

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